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The Cabinet of Dr Caligari New Music Brighton Friends meeting House 29.10.11

My score for Act 2 of the German Expressionist film The Cabinet of Dr Caligari was shown by New Music Brighton at a concert at the Friends Meeting House in Brighton on 29.10.11. Here it is if you missed it, it's best seen 6m x 4.5m

Spoken Here: Sounding the site 3

From 7th-11th March 2011 I developed a multimedia installation called "Spoken here", in the University of Sussex Language Centre. A looped film was projected on the ceiling with a series of sound pieces using the languages spoken by staff and students of the Centre. We used as many foreign languages as we could muster we had 35 contributions in 14 different languages. The corridor was turned into a walk-through cinema of woodland visuals and voices.

Some of my favourites pieces from the installation can be played below:

Worthing, November 14th 2010: nailing paintings together

nailing paintings together


nailing paintings together from Roger Harmar on Vimeo.

My composition nailing paintings together, first performed at the Soundwaves Festival at the University of Brighton, received another performance by CoMa Sussex, in Worthing on Sunday 14th November at St Pauls Centre Chapel Road. The full programme is below.

CoMA Sussex
Sunday, November 14th 2010, 15.00

St Paul's Centre, Chapel Road, Worthing

CoMA Sussex gives a concert as part of the AAL Autumn Arts & Music Festival. • Naomi Pinnock| Four Humours • Howard Jones | Imaginary Bells, for piano duet • Gus Garside | Improvisation (double bass) • Nicholas Peters | Dance a disco now* • Howard Jones | Oh Time Thy Pyramids • Adam Swayne | Many Dark Actors Playing Games • Jonathan Harvey | Climbing Frame • David Power | Visual Music* • Andrew Skelton | C-CAN* • Roger Harmar | Nailing Paintings Together* • Dave Smith | Support of the Intifada, for piano • Michael Blake | Postcolonial Song (homage to Percy Grainger) * graphic scores contributed to Soundwaves Festival 2010: 'All the Creators'.

nailing paintings together: a graphic score for the Soundwaves Festival

nailing paintings together

My composition nailing paintings together was performed at the Soundwaves Festival at the University of Brighton with other graphic scores at the Soundwaves Festival on Sunday 18 July as part of All The Creators event.  I recorded a short video of Sussex CoMa performing this conducted by Adam Swayne. The full programme for the evening is below.

First Set

1. Dawn Music: Pupils of Chyngton Primary School

2. Keeran Gillett

3. Curtis Bissit, Efle Hussian and Spencer Oakley-Smith

4. Kimberley Hickman

5. Liam Powney

6. Robert Carden

7. Jack McColl and Marcus Reed

8. Lauren Pegler and Grace Tilley

9. Lydia Kinsella

10. Summer: Students of Worthing High School

11. Visual Music: David Power

12. Elizabeth Welch (untitled) + Nailing Paintings Together: Roger Harmar

Second Set

1. Weather Report: John Sadler

2. Untitled 22/ Animals: Tim Jeffree

3. C-Can: Andrew Skelton

4. Suite for Limerick (Lines in the Sky): Robin Parmar

5. Untitled (Silence is only real if you refuse to listen): James Joslin + Grub Pyramid Song: Bad Orb (Sarah Albury) + Cloudy, Dark, Evil: Alex van Blaeraere

6. Arsenal Brain: Irad Lee + 623.7cm2: Simon Kinch

More information here:
Soundwaves Festival

The ark of consensus: Sounding the site 2 Ark












In June 2010 I participated in the University of Sussex's Sounding the Site 2: Ark! Described as an artsplash, it took place on various sites across campus. Here's a description from the Ark! website:

Sounding the Site 2: Ark!

Wednesday 16 June 2010, 10am-4pm

Ark! involves ten different elements, each of which has been created in collaboration, and links to the idea of an ark. The day draws on a wide range of disciplines, from creative writing to microbiology, and from music to engineering, working with creative practitioners, schools and community groups.

Ark! was the second  annual 'Sounding the Site', a community artsplash, a day long festival of creative activity. The aim was to bring people together, both within and beyond the University, to explore and celebrate their shared creative energies, this year exploring themes of biodiversity and sustainability.

Our element was called the Ark of Consensus and was developed as a collaboration between myself and sculptors Olga Klieger and Shaida Kazemi.

It was inspired by an article in the Guardian about sea level rising 80m in the next 100 years. My house is 64m above sea level so would be underwater if this prediction came to pass. This was puzzling as there was no evidence in the scientific literature that this was plausible and seemed to be an attempt to create a consensus despite the scientific and philosophical problems of trying to predict the future.

This got me interested in the idea of consensus as cultural construct and the fact that academic, religious and political organisations rely on it as a form of group-think, providing the philosophical basis for collective action.

This is fine until the consensus is broken or shown to be flawed but our histories are littered with wars and conflicts caused by the breakdown of consensus and attempts to maintain them.

The idea of this piece was to ask people to predict the future of the University in 2110 and create a series of ritual spaces to display the results and play with the idea of consensus. Here are some photos of the space which is the entrance to the Arts A building.



Olga (right) inspecting her sculpture. Shaida's sculpture is the small box behind her.

We also took over the two lecture theatres, either side of the steps, and showed a short, looped film. Some shots from it are shown below. The music was designed to leak through into the theatres and give a continuously changing soundtrack.




The complete music and short film for the Ark are below.


Ark by Roger Harmar

1. Ark
2. Dance
3. Radiophonics

Radiophonics features Oktawia Petronella on violin, voice and bamboo flute

Thanks to Linda Waring for the photographs.


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