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albums: Organic Mechanics


organic mechanics

A new track of mine Naiad is on Dancing Turtle Records' compilation release Organic Mechanics. It's available as a single track or as part of the compilation. Here's some more information from the press release:

Organic Mechanics is a new compilation release from Dancing Turtle, featuring a crop of emerging talent in the field of experimental electronica. There's tracks from artists including Igeon, Intermertic and eQo, as well as Daisuke Tanabe, Inkliing, Paradise Found and Roger Harmar. Sit back and relax. Let Organic Mechanics take you on a mind curling journey like no other.


Track Listing

by Igeon 4:38
veller by Intermetric 5:02
Closer (feat. Anita)
by eQo 3:46
by Daisuke Tanabe: 5:25
Termite Circus
by Inkliing 5:04
by Paradise Found 7:50
by Roger Harmar 3:36

Buy Organic Mechanics here

also available at here

albums: the Lani Singers

ninalik ndawi 

Dancing Turtle Records

Pepera (out-take 4.28)

The Lani Singers first album ninalik ndawi was released on Dancing Turtle Records in November 2008, I play bass on the majority of the album and we've been getting good airplay on DJ Ritu's show on Radio London, and on Radio 3. It's available directly from Dancing Turtle Records here or amazon, iTunes, emusic…

albums: CT-Film

 CT-film 1   

NEMO 016

Each member (of the CT-Collective) created a piece of music for a film – either for a non-existing imaginary film, or as a new soundtrack for an existing film. I chose Attack of the 50ft woman.

Attack of the 50ft women

From the liner notes

A new soundtrack for the proto-feminist camp classic Attack of the 50ft woman. The premise of the track is, what would have happened if Bernard Herrmann hadn't scored 'the day the earth stood still' and had, in fact, scored this?

This title music is my tribute to 50s Sci Fi B-movies and Bernard Herrmann

Attack of the 50ft Women


albums: James Hardway
big casino straight from the fridge

big casino

Double bass on Time to go

Hydrogen Dukebox

straight from the fridge

Double bass

Hydrogen Dukebox

Time to go (excerpt)

Jump up natural (excerpt)


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