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I'm experimenting with live video broadcasts using 'livestream' so some experimental video and live broadcasts will appear here as I get more familiar with the technology.


caligari: an exquisite corpse

My collaborative film score for Act Two of the German Expressionist classic, the Cabinet of Dr Caligari, is now available at A project developed under the auspices of the Chain Tape Collective and led by Rob Switzer, the film has been restored and coloured by Rob with new title cards. The original footage was taken from an American Public Domain version.

The project split the film into its original six Acts and each composer scored one of the acts chosen at random. In total there are two full soundtracks to the film and my contribution is on Soundtrack 2 Act 2.

The finished film is available in a variety of different formats:
The DVD version is here (contains both soundtracks):
Caligari DVD version

The Windows Media Player Version is here (two downloads, one for each soundtrack):
Caligari Windows Media Player version

The Quicktime version for people without QuicktimePro is here: (two downloads, one for each soundtrack)
Caligari Quicktime

The DVD cover artwork can be downloaded from the CT-collective website and you can also download individual composers work as mp3 files: Caligari: an exquisite corpse

This is a non-commercial venture but if you like what you hear and see, then reviews can be posted at

Caligari: an exquisite corpse


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