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Helen Joubert Design/Andrew Haig Associates web site

Andrew Haig of Andrew Haig Associates commissioned me to design and build their website about 2 years ago. It's a portfolio site for the associates and aims to display the work of many of the talented designers and illustrators who work for them in Brighton. As is the case with most design work, the first task is to assess the purpose and scope of the site and come up with a solution that satisfies both its form and function. One of the main themes of the site was to have lots of white space, so the work itself has a chance to shine.

Here are some of the initial visuals I developed and presented.


Andrew Haig Associates Visual 1


ANdrew Haig Asscoiates visual 2


Andrew Haig Associates visual 3

Here's the typographic grid the site is based upon

Andrew Haig Associates grid

The site looks very much as it does in the visuals, only the content has changed to protect the innocent.

Andrew Haig Associates has now been rebranded as Helen Joubert Design and the site has been modified.

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Client Andrew Haig Associates/Helen Joubert Design


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